Class levels

Beginner Classes

These are introductory level classes, which are designed to teach and inspire the student with little or no previous dance experience. By introducing the steps in an easy to understand way, students will learn the basic fundamentals of blending patterns, timing and lead and/ follow, and will see how easy and fun learning to dance can be.

The class begins with a thorough warm-up including a series of stretching exercises, and is followed by the training of the right dance-floor and space perception, correct posture and breathing, isolation movements, leaps, etc. The rest of the class is usually devoted to learning a series of moves performed in a routine.

Intermediate Classes

These classes are for those that have previous dance experience and/or have completed the beginner level classes for that particular style of dance. Amalgamations (groupings of patterns) will be introduced that will inspire and require the students to move around the floor with improved footwork technique, stronger lead/follow skills, and an introduction to basic styling techniques such as arm, leg, and hip and torso movements, in order to create a more polished and poised appearance. These classes are for those that want to have a higher level of confidence when they are on the dance floor as well as creating an even stronger foundation for those who want to pursue more advanced goals for their dancing.

Advanced Classes

These classes are designed to satisfy the needs and goals of the "serious" dancer. Heavy doses of technique, styling, and advanced fundamentals of dance accompany intricate step patterns that are intended to make the advanced student a standout on the dance floor. Most, but not all, of the students in these classes participate in performances and/or competitions and have a full appreciation for dancing not only as a fun form of recreation, but also as an artistic form of self expression, as well as a demanding physical activity.

Private Lessons

For most students, private or individual instruction, offers the quickest and most comprehensive way for the students to achieve their dance goals. For some, a first dance for an upcoming wedding that requires learning a particular dance to a special song is what they need to make their event a complete success. Others may be driven by the desire to compete with the world's top amateur dancers. Most are somewhere in between, with dancing being their recreational hobby that they can enjoy in any social situation. Students have the opportunity to learn exactly what they want to learn, at a pace that is comfortable for them.