Dance centre Monsignore

Dance centre Monsignore is an artistic dance centre offering classes in classical, modern, jazz and scenic dance.

The aim of the Dance Centre Monsignore (DCM) is to teach and inspire a young dancer in a creative way to cultivate his/her natural talent and ability for dance. The results of our training are seen in the student’s development of self-confidence, discipline, creativity, rhythm and coordination. A DCM graduate is able to fully understand the art of dance and is knowledgeable in its forms and types.

A number of dance lessons varies from one to five hours per week. The students also take part in an intensive one-week workshop before the final theatre performance called the “Dance Party” at the end of every school-year. DCM also organises an annual “Summer School of Dance” in August that prepares the students for the next school year. The Summer School of Dance has a very intensive teaching programme that covers the curriculum comparable to several months of teaching in a school year.

Theatre shows of DC Monsignore

At the end of every school year DCM organizes a great show of dance performances presenting the work of all the DCM students. The show takes place in the Theatre Pardubice and is attended not only by the students’ friends and parents, but also by the general public.

Moreover, the programme is usually enlivened by the programme of professional dancers and guest artists of international fame and prestige.